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  • R4 Revolution
  • The r4 revolution for use with the Nintendo Ds and Ds lite console
  • Ideal if you have a memory card of your own

  • Price $12.99
  • R4 Revolution 2GB
  • The r4 revolution bundled with a 2GB micro sd memory card
  • Use the micro sd memory card to store files such as games, music, movies and photos
  • Price $18.99
  • R4 Revolution 4GB
  • With a 4GB micro sd memory card this ideal if you want to store games and music.
  • Connect the memory card to your PC to transfer files
  • Price $24.99
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Need more capacity ? Purchase our R4 Revolution 8GB buy now


If you have a DSi or DSi XL console you will need the R4i Revolution.

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"For $12.99 I am very pleased"
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R4 Revolution

The R4 revolution is an add on for your Nintendo DS, DS lite and the R4i revolution version is for the DSi lite. Once the R4 or R4i is inserted in to your machine you will have the facility to create back-up copies of your own homebrew games. We have both versions available and can be bundled with memory cards of various capacities.

It Works Like This:
Connect the R4 or R4i to your computer, download and install the software and that's it, you can now start transferring your files to an available SD memory card. R4 Revolution is a convenient way to transport all your movies, music, photos and games or use the R4 revolution as a back up storage device for all your games and media files for peace of mind. Take a look on YouTube, you will find videos with instructions on how to use the R4.

Where will I be able to purchase a micro SD card?

We are able to supply the R4 individually or bundled with SD memory cards. The R4 SDHC revolution Supports SD cards up to a massive 32GB all this and still only the size of a Nintendo game cartridge.

R4 Revolution DS

The latest advanced technology in the Nintendo DSi card is the new R4 Revolution. This unique device allows your DSi to accept the micro SD memory card for watching movies, playing movies, browsing pictures, reading e-books and many other functions. This device is the complete solution that gives you the advantage of not having to buy any additional software or components for the above. It is a simple media that you could have ever imagined having for your DSi console.

The key features that are offered by the new R4 Revolution are as follows:

" With the help of this device you can drag and drop the files of your choice to the micro SDHC card and play the files of your choice
" The device supports all HC memory cards that have capacity up to 32 GB
" It also supports the Wi-Fi, DS rumble pack and the DS browser
" It is also compatible with the 1.4 firmware -13th Sept 09
" It also has a touch screen control and a robust skinning support
" It also has the standard FAT system support
" It also has the Homebrew support, IO lib that is available on launch
" It is also the same size as an original DS/DSi game cartridge
" It uses the micro SD/SDHC memory card( TransFlash) as storage
" It supports all the different speeds of micro SD cards
" It does not require a battery back up for the save files directly into the micro SDHC card directory.
" It also has an upgradable firmware (OS/Bios/Kernel)
" It also supports boot clean images that are downloaded from the internet
" It also has a built in PassMe and there is no need for any boot cartridge/passcard etc

Know What Is Included?
" 1x R4i Hard Case
" 1x USB micro SDHC memory card reader/writer
" 1x R4 Revolution (Slot-1)

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